The World of Tomalav

The Castle Sampre

The party, trusting Helmut followed him north toward the castle. He told them that there was a secret entrance, that they would have to follow him into this cave. The party did not totally trust him for good reason for he truly was a backstaber. Trying to crush the party with stones in a trap, Helmut, soon discovered the party wasn’t so easily killed off. A great fight ensued as we all know good triumphs over evil as long as there’s a well-placed arrow in the neck of evil. The party pressed on to the castle, four hours later finding the ancient castle of King Sampre. Upon their arrival they saw that a small band of adventurers had beaten them to it. Following close behind the adventurers, the wizard Dayin discovered bats do bite. The party decided to explore the surrounding area of the castle before further adventuring inside. They found a well, the fighter Fendrel (not known for his intelligence) came up with the idea to lower the Ranger down the well. At this time, I would like to let all adventurers know, ghouls love Ranger on a rope, in fact they delight in the site of a Ranger on a rope. After rethinking the dangling of the Ranger on a rope, and the Ranger getting attacked the party pulls the Ranger to safety. With the great help from the wizard Dayin the Ghouls were put on ice, the party then descended into the dungeon. It is said that they found great riches in the fighter Fendrel adopted a pet or maybe the pet adopted him.



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